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Posts for March 2023

Stack of wooden blocks with green images of net-zero and other climate actions

Implementation Strategies for Climate Action and Sustainability Plans, Part 1

Local governments have been using various strategies to help implement their climate action and sustainability plans, including working with community partners, tracking progress on climate-related goals, and engaging residents through educational programs and incentives.

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View of a little public park with trees and greenery along Seattle's city hall exterior

For More Equitable and Livable Cities, Consider Trees

As cities and other urban areas in Washington State continue to grow and change, an urban forestry management plan can provide a coordinated, long-term vision for managing the urban tree canopy to ensure the continued livability of local communities.

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Impact Fees — Local Government Do’s and Don’ts

Impact Fees — Local Government Do’s and Don’ts

Impact fees can be used by a local government to help pay for infrastructure costs caused by new development, but there are both complexities and legal requirements an agency should consider before establishing an impact fees program. 

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Hands are protecting a logo

Protecting Your Local Brand: Federal, State, and Local Strategies

Local governments wishing to trademark a logo or seal may find an uphill battle in getting federal protection, but other options exist for protecting local brands.

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An EMS personnel helping an older resident with medication in a home-based setting

Fire Departments Expand Services to Reach 911 Frequent Callers

With a goal of reducing non-emergency calls to 911 and limiting costly, unnecessary trips to the emergency room, several fire departments in Washington State have begun mobile health programs that provide coordinated follow-up care to patients after a 911 response has occurred. 

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Several emergency vehicles are parked on a neighborhood street

A Duty to All is a Duty to No One: Understanding the Public Duty Doctrine

In Norg v. City of Seattle, the Washington Supreme Court issued a decision that has a major impact on the public duty doctrine, and by extension, government tort liability.

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A magician working magic with a hat and wand

Can an Expired Contract Come Back to Life?

When a contract expires, is it a good idea to create an amendment that will bring the contract back to life? A look at the pros and cons.

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A close up of a person working on a laptop to retrieve files while sitting in a sunbeam

It’s Sunshine Week Somewhere

Even during the gloomy winter months, we can all applaud Sunshine Week, which celebrates open government. 

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A diverse group of politicians sitting at a dais and speaking to the press

Municipal Elections – Running for Office

Many local elections will take place this year, including half of councilmember positions in towns and cities, appointed mayors, and many board positions with special purpose districts. Fortunately, there are a number of resources available for new and returning candidates.

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