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Posts for December 2019

More Employees Will Soon Be Eligible for Overtime Pay

There have been changes at both the federal and the state level to determine when workers are eligible for overtime pay. As a result, employers may find many more employees eligible for overtime once these changes go into effect. 

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Supreme Court Rules Individual State Legislators Are Subject to the PRA

This blog post provides an overview of the recent Washington Supreme Court ruling addressing whether individual state legislators are subject to the Public Records Act.

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Promising Practices for Local Governments: Combating Elder Neglect, Short-Term Vacation Rental Compliance, Reducing Recidivism

This post highlights promising practices for combating elder neglect, increasing compliance with short-term vacation rental regulations, and transitioning newly released inmates back into the community.

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New Court Case About Mandatory Subjects of Collective Bargaining

A recent ruling by the Washington Court of Appeals, Division I, looks at whether shift staffing may be considered a mandatory or permissive subject of collective bargaining.

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Micro-Units: Another Tool in your Affordable Housing Toolbelt

This blog post provides an overview of micro-units, or small apartments between 125 to 400 square feet in size, their benefits, and some issues to consider when developing micro-housing plans. 

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New Developments in PRA Land

This blog post provides an overview of two recent Washington State Supreme Court cases that involved the Public Records Act and offers some key takeaways for local governments to consider. 

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Changing Forecasts for Transportation Revenues and Other Impacts of I-976

This blog post looks at the impact the passage of I-976 will have on transportation revenues, the state's multimodal account, and transportation benefit districts. 

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