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Posts for July 2020

When First Amendment Rights and Public Meetings Clash

This blog post looks at the authority a governing body has to establish and carry out procedures that can prevent the interruption or delay of a public meeting due to disruptive or irrelevant comments from the public or from members of the governing body itself.

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2020 Legislative Update — The Big List

MRSC has compiled a list of new legislation from the recent 2020 Regular Session, with special attention paid to those bills that impact Washington local governments. 

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Staying Ahead of Overdose Spikes

This blog post looks at the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program, a free tool that collects real time fatal and non-fatal opioid overdose data from ambulance teams, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies across the country.  

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Possession and Carrying of Firearms in Washington State: What’s Allowed?

This blog provides a general overview of firearm regulation in Washington State.

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