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Posts for June 2016

Community-Led Demonstration Projects: A Cost Effective Way to Engage Citizens and Implement Plans

A new policy from Burlington, Vermont provides a neat example of how jurisdictions can give their enthusiastic citizen activists a clear avenue for taking action.

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WA Court Of Appeals Determines When Records "Produced" to Trigger Statute of Limitations

In White v. City of Lakewood (2016), the Court of Appeals applied a form of "mailbox rule" to the state Public Records Act in defining when records have been "produced" sufficient to trigger the PRA's one-year statute of limitations and reiterated that the statute of limitations is not triggered by an invalid claim of exemption.

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Police Records: My Take on Some of the Tricky Disclosure Questions

This blog provides answers to a number of interesting questions on disclosure of police records.

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The Dynamics of Public Sector Budgeting - Who is the Constituency?

This post attempts to broaden the budgetary discussion and encourage local officials to recognize the need to address the longer term needs of their jurisdictions when adopting budgets.

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Planners and Police Officers Working Together to Create Livable and Safe Communities

Using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) planners and police officers are working together more and more to achieve each other’s complementary goals to achieve an inviting and safe community.

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Time to Scrap the Annual Performance Review?

New approaches to performance reviews offer techniques that could enhance the value of public sector performance appraisals.

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Washington Supreme Court Reviews "Other Statute" Exemption in Ruling on Sex Offender Records

In Doe v. Washington State Patrol (2016), the Washington Supreme Court held that the state's community notification statute concerning registered sex offenders is not an "other statute" exemption under the Public Records Act.

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