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Posts for February 2016

How Well Do You Walk this Meeting Tightrope?

Chairing a meeting requires two skills that are not easy to combine. The presider has to control the meeting, which requires strength. At the same time, he or she has to remain emotionally connected to the members, which requires warmth.

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Personal Information in Public Records: Is It Subject to Disclosure?

People submit their personal information to public agencies in various contexts, including when a citizen signs up for public comment at an agency meeting, a witness to a crime is interviewed by the police, a new employee is hired by an agency, or a homeowner starts receiving utility services. How much of this personal information is subject to public disclosure?

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A Basic Approach to Succession Planning

For those just starting to develop a succession plan, here's some tips and strategies from HR Advisor Marci Wright.

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Local Government Catching Up with Airbnb and Other Short-Term Transient Rental Businesses

A look at some important issues to address if you plan on regulating short-term rentals in your community.

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Zoning for Marijuana – What Are Jurisdictions Doing and How Is It Working?

Cities and counties have the authority to zone for licensed marijuana businesses as they deem appropriate, subject to the 1,000-foot buffer zones around certain uses established in RCW 69.50.331(8)(a), which cities and counties now may reduce in size, except for those around schools and parks. See RCW 69.50.331(8)(b). They may even prohibit such businesses entirely, at least according to the attorney general’s office and the five superior courts that have so far addressed the issue. So, how have cities and counties approached their authority to zone for this new land use?

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It’s Not Too Early to Think about Laying the Foundation for Your Next Budget

If you want to have a great budget experience next fall (and who doesn't?), then it is never too early to think about how to lay the best foundation. Building a budget starts with a strong policy discussion and early policy guidance.

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Municipalities Now Responsible for Addressing View-Obstructing Roadside Vegetation

In a short, unanimous opinion issued last week, the Washington Supreme Court concluded that a municipality – a city or county – can be held liable for hazardous conditions on its roads created by naturally occurring roadside vegetation.

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Tactical Urbanism: Applying a Big City Placemaking Technique to Smaller Communities

Tactical urbanism offers cities and towns of all sizes a way of testing out and engaging their communities in new placemaking techniques, without requiring major capital investments.

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