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Posts for January 2020

Disaster Zone: Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

This blog post looks at the dangers of unreinforced masonry buildings. 

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Are Your Public Meetings Truly “Open” to the Public?

This blog post considers how local governments could make public meetings even more accessible to the public. 

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​The Annual Financial Report for 2019

This blog post highlights changes to the State Auditor’s Office Annual Financial Report for ‘cash-basis’ accounting and reporting entities.

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Finding Success in Using Community Resources to Deliver Value as a Newly Elected Official

This blog article looks at the role of an elected official as policymaker, one who brings value to the community by overseeing use of its financial resources. 

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Legal Consultant Paul Sullivan Retires

Legal Consultant Paul Sullivan is retiring after more than 30 years at MRSC. 

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Understanding When It’s Over: Administrative Procedures and the PRA

This blog post summarizes Kilduff v. San Juan County and suggests best practices for agency administrative procedures concerning public records searches. 

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Elected Officials Guide — What’s Personal and What’s Public?

This blog covers questions about the use of social media and cell phones with regards to privacy and public records and focuses on their use from the perspective of an elected official.

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Court Upholds King County Ordinance Requiring Franchise Compensation for Use of Right-of-Way

Can a county charge a fee for allowing a utility to use the county’s right-of-way for placement of utility infrastructure? The Washington Supreme Court ruled recently that it can. 

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MRSC Launches New Website Search

We've updated our website search system. The new features make it easier to find information, providing more relevant results and allowing you to quickly narrow your search. 

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Yim I and Yim II Clarify Washington Regulatory Takings and Substantive Due Process Law

This blog post addresses Yim I and Yim II,  two recent Washington Supreme Court rulings that clarify the state's regulatory takings and substantive due process jurisprudence.

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