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MRSC Insight Blog

Posts for October 2018

3 Ways to Make Your Public Plaza More Successful

This blog post highlights three characteristics that will make your public gathering space more successful, including finding the right location, considering access to nearby buildings, and creating public programming to support plaza use.

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An Inquiry Response Sampler

This blog post is a grab bag of questions posed to MRSC's consultants through our Ask MRSC service. Covering broad but common local government concerns, the questions (and answers) should interest all our readers.

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Reported, Remote Sales Taxes Likely to Increase

Washington local governments should see an increase in reported, remote sales taxes thanks to a recent landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair. This post provides an overview of the case and its potential impact locally. 

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An Introduction to Risk Management

In this blog, guest author Roger Neal examines the basic elements of local government risk management, including the benefits of risk management, risk assessment, prioritization, and the adoption of risk management response strategies.

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Using a Scavenger Hunt and Gamification to Unite a Growing City

Guest author Riley Sweeney, Communications Officer/Recreation Coordinator for the City of Ferndale, writes about engaging city residents through game-playing via a scavenger hunt.

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New Legislation Targeting Firearms

In this blog post, MRSC Legal Consultant Paul Sullivan offers an overview of a number of bills the 2018 Washington State Legislature adopted relating to firearms regulation. 

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Improving Performance Management in Government Through Visual Data

This blog post looks at some of the Lean-related visual tools King County uses to support its efforts at continuous improvement.

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Is Your Camping Ordinance Constitutional?

This blog will examine the recent Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals case, Martin v. City of Boise, and discuss how this ruling may impact Washington local governments. 

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